Premium equine agistment and rehabilitation facility


'Wandarrah' is indigenous for 'meeting place', reflecting a facility for both humans and horses to interact, learn and form friendships with one another.

The 20 acre property located in Beaconsfield Upper, is owned by locals Rebecca Feasey and Mark Evans, who created the facility from what was a blank canvas in mid 2013. Rebecca is responsible for managing the facility; her profile can be viewed below.

Rebecca Feasey

BEqSc, DipEqPodio, DipBus (Admin), DipHort

A keen animal lover for all of her life, Rebecca entered the equine world in 2007, when she purchased her first horse.


Her second horse came along unexpectedly in 2008 - a six year old mare suffering from severe colic due to poor condition. Veterinary assistance was acquired but she did not improve.


Due to the cost and care involved in keeping her alive, she was surrendered to Rebecca and Mark, who provided emergency transportation for life-saving surgery. The rehabilitation period was when Rebecca's true passion for equine welfare emerged.


Rebecca has been an active volunteer with Project Hope Horse Welfare Victoria for five years, where she has taken on representative, short term care and transportation roles. The welfare of wildlife also holds high importance - for three years she has volunteered with Wildlife Victora, rescuing and transporting wildlife.


In 2011, Rebecca was employed as an Equine Veterinary Nurse, on a casual basis, at the University of Melbourne Equine Centre. This experience was invaluable for her understanding and ongoing educational development in equine science.

In addition, the completion of a Bachelor of Equine Science in 2016, as well as a Diploma in Equine Podiotherapy in 2015, has enabled her to develop substantial skills and knowledge in the modern management of horses, underpinned by a strong education in science and scientific method. 


Her other qualifications and professional experience include a Diploma of Business (Administration) and a Diploma of Horticulture (which led her to become a student landscape design semi-finalist and finalist for three years running at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show), as well as 14 years in marketing and communication roles at CSIRO and the University of Melbourne.


“Our influences and inspiration include Jane and Stuart Myers (sustainable horse keeping experts), Wrangler Jayne (natural horsemanship instructor), Andrew and Nicky Bowe (specialists in barefoot rehabilitation) and Dr Ann Nyland (well-known author, horse rescuer and equine worming expert)."

Rebecca Feasey, Owner and Manager, Wandarrah Estate