Premium equine agistment and rehabilitation facility


Our vision is to become a world leader in sustainable horse management and rehabilitation, working in harmony with the environment, whilst complimenting a horse's natural desire to express normal behaviours and social activities.

Horses by nature are highly social animals. They need other horses for company and never live alone by choice.


Domestic horses have the same behaviours as wild horses, even when in captivity these instincts are strong and are still very much a part of their genetic make-up.


Domestic horses are often prevented from interacting with others, are forced to graze badly managed pasture, receive little exercise, are innaccurately wormed, and inappropriately rugged and/or stabled, all of which can lead to high levels of stress.


Wandarrah Estate understands what is important to horses. We provide an opportunity for them to thrive both physically and mentally, in a herd environment, with the freedom to express normal behaviours and social activities.



  • 20 acre property, only 45 minutes from Melbourne.


  • Trail riding from the front and rear of the property (including farm land, fire access trails, dirt roads, bush reserves, pub, winery and parks).


  • Pasture is managed according to sustainable horse keeping practices - paddocks are rotated, slashed, harrowed and rested.


  • Horses are kept in a small herd allowing them to thrive physically AND mentally.


  • Friendly environment for both humans and horses.


  • Only 35 minutes from Bunyip State Park and 45 minutes from horse friendly beaches.


  • Wildlife friendly facility.


  • Bushfire plan in place.


  • Quarantine procedures and facility in place.


  • A planned and accurate worming program from the day of arrival.


  • Only two kilometres from the Victorian Equestrian Centre (offering school camps, adult riders club, competitions, etc).


  • Owned and managed by a horse enthusiast who is passionate about equine welfare, is a qualified Equine Podiatrist, is studying a Bachelor of Equine Science, and who is a volunteer with Project Hope Horse Welfare Victoria (and Wildlife Victoria).


  • Corporate sponsor of the Yarra Valley Equestrian Landcare Group.


  • Facility managed according to the Code of Practice for the Welfare of Horses.


  • Educational facility for teaching podiotherapy, biomechanics, veterinary health checks, therapy, anatomy and nutrition.






  • Small herd environment, horses are rotated to new pasture as required.


  • Internal post and rail fencing (electrified), permanent water, natural shelter.


  • Worming - offered at no extra charge.


  • 24/7 good quality grass hay - fed as required.


  • Unlimited use of all facilities.


Monthly fee is $420




Agistees are entitled to free use of all facilities which includes:


  • 60 metre x 20 metre arena

  • horse wash

  • holding yards

  • float parking

  • private tack rooms

  • stable with outdoor yard

  • quarantine/sick bay

  • undercover saddle area

"Agistment places at Wandarrah Estate are limited. To avoid disappointment, contact us today to book your place."

Rebecca Feasey, Owner and Manager, Wandarrah Estate