Rebecca loves meeting and greeting horses and animals of all kinds. Having travelled many parts of the world, she also understands the stress and worry when it comes to finding someone responsible and trustworthy to look after your pet/s. After all, they're part of the family too.


Our holiday care service includes:


  • Feeding (including mixing up hard feeds)

  • Checking/refilling water

  • Rugs on/off 

  • Grooming

  • Health checks - behavioural changes, abnormalities, lameness

  • Basic veterinary care (heart rate, respiration, gut sounds, capillary refill, digital pulse and mucous membrane) - a vet can be contacted if needed

  • Instructions followed exactly

  • A carer who is responsible, on time, trustworthy, respectful and passionate about animal health.

  • Regular updates - daily video's, pictures and texts sent direct to your phone with an update on your pet/s.

We can do everything from feeding chickens, walking dogs, and spending quality time with your feline friend. We can even do farm chores! Rebecca has experience in operating tractors, harrowing arenas and paddocks as well as fencing. She is also a qualified horticulturalist.

So when you head away, you don't need to stress about what's going on back home. We're happy to cater for any pet you might have.




  • Initial meet & greet -  FREE

  • 30 minute visit - $30 (minimum)

  • 1 hour visit - $50

  • 2 hour visit - $70

  • Long term holiday rates available upon request.


Contact us today to discuss your situation and we'll find the best solution for you.