Premium equine agistment and rehabilitation facility




With so many domestic horses suffering from debilitating pathological hoof conditions, it is our aim to return distorted feet back to the form and function designed by nature.


Degeneration develops in a dysfunctional body over a long period of time and manifests into problems such as laminitis, navicular, ringbone, side bone and degenerative joints - all of which are a huge problem in the equine industry. 

Barefoot rehabilitation provides the opportunity to develop strong and healthy foundations leading to better long term soundness.


Case studies



Rebecca is currently in the final year of her equine podiotherapy diploma and equine science degree, which has led her to treat a number of hoof conditions, including a severely fractured pedal bone (pictured right), as well as chronic laminitis.


Nearly all case studies have required corrective trimming, as well as refined management and nutrition.




Rebecca Feasey is a qualified Equine Podiatrist.


Due to high demand, Rebecca is currently not available for consultations.














As a Project Hope Horse Welfare Victoria volunteer, Rebecca has rescued, rehabilitated and transported mostly Thoroughbreds, who have all successfully gone to very deserving families.


Rescued horses often arrive in a very poor, malnourished condition with a number of skin and digestive issues.


Following a good nutritional program, some basic handling and time spent with other horses, they begin to show signs of life once again, often partaking in normal equine social activities as well as developing a keen interest in human interaction.